Principal's Message

Education is the process through which we draw out the best from individuals so as to enable them to invest their talents and capabilities to build a better world, an ever more developed universal family of human beings, living in harmony with one another and with nature. The integral growth and fulfillment of individuals happen in the wider context of the overall development and wellbeing of humanity and the environment. This requires an optimum advancement both in humanistic and technological studies. Sacred Heart Convent School has been pursuing this ideal right from its inception.

Sacred Heart Convent School, as everyone knows, lays a lot of emphasis on the curricular and co-curricular development and value based enhancement of potential of students.

The past lives in the present and the present evolves into the future. In the present era of growing materialism and consumerism, we have to go against the current and uphold its spiritual and humanistic values. ‘Truth and Diligence’ is the motto of our institution. Truth leads to the genuine freedom of individuals, harmony in society and progress towards a better world.

I would like to place on record the selfless and effective contributions of all our former principals, our staff, both former and present, our Alumni and numerous friends and well-wishers from all walks of life. May God bless each and every one for their love and service to the School. Finally I would like to entrust the entire Sacred Heart Family to the loving providence of Almighty God, the Father of all creations and to the maternal care and protection of blessed Mother Mary, who will surely facilitate the growth of this family in stature, wisdom and unity.

Sr. Amal Rose

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